3 Reasons Why a Seamless Online Exam Platform is Crucial Today

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Online exam platforms are on the rise, but there’s still a key challenge that is rarely addressed: the siloed use of systems that leads to haphazard and time-consuming digital assessment experiences.

One key feature that seems to be lacking in most of the digital assessment platforms is the capability to integrate all the needs of the exam stakeholders—from administrators to invigilators and the learners—to ultimately improve the learning experience of the entire learning community.

The key to addressing this challenge, therefore, is to adopt a seamless digital assessment solution when looking for ways to conduct online exams effectively.

Here are the 3 key reasons why:

1. Administrators will have a more efficient time doing admin tasks.

The administration side of learning is as tedious as any part of the learning process. Administrators often deal with multiple recurring tasks—and often still with manual processes.

Aside from this, administrators must ensure that the whole process of exam preparations, from scheduling assessments to giving out grades, is properly aligned and executed on time.


A seamless digital exam solution would alleviate this challenge by:

  • Leveraging automation capabilities to efficiently process recurring tasks as well as automatically schedule timetables and publish results
  • Allow multiple stakeholders to collaborate on examination and preparation resources for more accurate and transparent processes with educators
  • Be able to schedule, plan, and enroll learners in exams efficiently and with accuracy without needing to log into multiple systems

2. Invigilators and proctors will have an easy time monitoring exams with anti-cheating functions.

The transition to digital assessments often raises questions about the value of integrity. Frequently, both students and educators ask:

  • How are online exams monitored?
  • Can I prevent cheating in online exams?

As educators, you need to make sure that students are assisted as well as monitored so concerns are promptly addressed and no cheating incidents happen. This usually entails hiring multiple proctors to oversee your assessment period.

Invigilators and proctors

A secure, seamless, and intuitive digital exam platform, however, can:

  • Utilize AI for anti-cheating functions and address cheating and other risk events in real-time and without the help of multiple proctors
  • Have a centralized dashboard for monitoring all progress during the examination
  • Gather examination results and reflect them directly to the admin side of preparations for efficiency as well as accuracy
Invigilators and proctors

3. Students will have a more holistic, end-to-end learning experience.

Gone are the days when students were expected to simply show up, submit their work, and be done with their examinations. Digital assessments brought a change to this learning process.

While digital examinations opened more opportunities for more holistic learning, you as a learning institution must also guide learners to adopt this new culture better and faster.


Today, your online exam platform must:

  • Support multiple types of exams and help students easily navigate through the assessment
  • Provide an avenue for learners to raise questions, concerns, or clarifications during the examination without needing to log out of their online exam solution
  • Give a clear guide for students to navigate through the platform—from starting the assessment to submitting their work, and where students can check grade publication after exams

Examena: Your Centralized Digital Assessment Platform

Built on the latest Microsoft technology to enable a secure, intuitive, and online testing experience for students and educators, Examena is today’s award-winning solution to address the evolving needs and challenges of digital assessments!

Allowing holistic learning for students and flexibility for educators to design exams that are aligned with course goals and outcomes, Examena’s key features include:

  • Exam Scheduling and Planning: Timetables and exam types can be easily developed to meet institutional requirements. Examena handles all data processing and storage related to students and educators and includes built-in wizards to guide educators as they create their exams.
  • Question and Paper Crafting: All work in Examena is encrypted, enabling educators to securely set up question sheets and approvals as well as quickly register students for exams with ease.
  • Intuitive Exam Experience: Students get an easy, straightforward experience. Moderators, proctors, or other exam administrators can keep watch with complete control. Examena’s anti-cheating technology enables those monitoring exams with live proctoring, using a screen-only or entire 360° workspace view.
  • Grading and Result Publishing: Examena’s auto-marking makes grading easy with the ability to measure performance across overall exams, topics and competency levels. Based on results, educators can guide students towards areas of improvement with detailed insights and ease their exam anxiety with digital grade publication.
teacher grades students tests

Taking Exams to the Next Level!

Working with institutes of higher education in Singapore, AvePoint recognized the various challenges of transitioning into online learning and assessments. With MaivenPoint Examena, we are bridging these gaps to help educators transform online exam experiences!

Be it summative or formative school assessments, corporate assessments, or professional certification renewals, experience how the entire process—from authoring to proctoring, marking to certification—is transformed into a seamless online experience.

Learn how you can make this happen by registering for our webinar Register here.