How to Digitise Exams and Reduce Logistics Administration with Examena  

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When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, educational organizations had to act quickly to find innovative ways to offer their services despite students and teachers being unable to be in the same location.

The Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists (ANZCVS), who previously delivered paper-based or in-person oral examinations that required all candidates, examiners, invigilators, and observers to travel to a central location for exams, determined it was time to rethink their entire delivery method after it caused huge logistical problems and delays. 

Realising digital was the only path forward, ANZCVS turned to an online testing platform to digitise exams. With Maivenpoint Examena, a digital assessment platform, ANZCVS was able to craft, deliver, and manage proctored testing online while reducing logistics and administration. The platform provides a one-stop integrated solution for all the stakeholders involved in exams: authors, makers, graders, proctors, and candidates.  

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Examena is designed to streamline your assessment process, offering many benefits to optimize your exam creation and dissemination. Our friends over at ANZCVS found the following features to be most beneficial:  

1. Remote assessment 

Digital exams are great, but even better are digital exams that can be taken from anywhere, on any device. With Examena, ANZCVS was able to digitise exam delivery and administration for more than 300 candidates and 140 examiners in separate locations around the globe.  

This is possible because Examena delivers a consistent experience across all candidates and examiners – even on their own devices. It’s compatible with both Apple and Microsoft operating systems, making the platform accessible to any user, anywhere.  

Even after the exam begins, your test-takers are protected. Examena comes with exam insurance that protects against internet disconnection, ensuring that candidates can continue their exams uninterrupted. 

2. Diverse question generation 

Think going digital means you can only ask multiple-choice questions? Think again! Examena offers more than 10 types of questions, including multiple-choice, essay, ranking, and matching, for online test creators to choose from. Then, you can save your questions to a question bank, allowing you to reuse or repurpose them for future exams as needed.  

Creating digital exams in Examena

ANZCVS initially used Examena to deliver all written papers in an online, decentralized model, but thanks to its robust offerings, is now looking to adopt Examena as their single platform for all examination processes.  

3. Easy to implement and use 

Most organizations don’t have time to deploy, onboard, and train users on a complex system. ANZCVS certainly didn’t, needing to find a solution that could be implemented between their exam cycles to avoid disrupting their services. With Examena, ANZCVS was able to go from purchase to production in 6-8 months, with a 100% success rate.  

The platform is also easy to pick up. Onboarding was a breeze for ANZCVS, with users requiring very little training thanks to the clean and straightforward interface. The college hosted several live demonstrations to ensure their users were confident with the platform, resulting in 100% of candidates completing their written examinations through Examena.  

4. Secure proctoring (anti-cheat) 

For many new to digitised exams, the biggest concern is cheating. After all, if a candidate is using their own device in an unmonitored location, what’s to stop them?  

Examena features anti-cheating technology that enables invigilators with live proctoring, using a screen-only or entire 360° workspace view. The platform's advanced capabilities ensure that tests are taken with a secure exam proctor, capable of overseeing both students and educators. The platform uses multi-factor authentication to prevent unauthorized access to tests and employs a variety of anti-cheating measures to ensure that students are not cheating during the exam such as facial recognition, audio sensing, and the capability to monitor student screens to ensure the integrity of the exam.  

Examena anti-cheat features

Advanced security capabilities like classroom screen monitoring were a must for ANZCVS, as well as data encryption, lockdown desktop, and single sign-on.  

5. Streamlined exam delivery

Anyone who has put together an exam knows that there is a lot more happening behind the scenes than a student may realize. For example, prior to Examena, examinations were a manual and time-consuming process for ANZCVS. Each paper required many hours of formatting, individual labeling and packaging, and transportation and distribution. Then, each exam paper needed to be scanned and filed before it could be marked. 

With Examena, however, ANZCVS was able to reduce their exam logistics by a hundredfold, saving hundreds of hours of work each exam cycle. With features like guided exam setup, staffing allocation, and automated grading, Examena can reduce exam logistics and save organizations hours of manual and time-consuming labor.    

Additionally, Examena's data reporting platforms provide educators with comprehensive performance-tracking information at a glance that can be leveraged to make data-driven decisions. 


As we embrace the digital territory as the future, MaivenPoint Examena is one of the best assessment platforms and available on the market today to partner with you in your transformation journey. It offers a range of features that make it easy to create and administer online exams, while also providing advanced security and data reporting capabilities to streamline your assessment processes.   

With the right tools, you can save hundreds of hours of work and logistics effort as ANZCVS did. Whether you're looking to increase efficiency or simply modernize your educational organization, Examena is the ideal choice for any organization looking to digitise exams and improve the educational experience. 

You too can digitise exams and improve assessment productivity. Read more about ANZCVS’s experience with Examena to learn how they did it.