Enable Instructor-Led Live Training with Microsoft Teams, Curricula, and Viva Learning

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Corporate Learning and Development (L&D) has undergone a significant transformation over the years, with digital technologies at the forefront of this evolution. The pandemic has only accelerated this trend, with many organizations embracing remote work and online training to ensure the continued professional development of their employees. For a while now, Microsoft Teams has been the go-to platform for remote work, but it hasn’t always been embraced as the home for online learning.

With the current trend of hybrid work arrangements, many businesses find that traditional self-led “online learning” tools are not enough. Too often, these tools are primarily about consuming videos alone, and lack the interaction from trainers and peers results in training that’s less effective. Organizations are looking for ways to integrate instructor-led live training into their strategic approaches to L&D, however traditional LMS tools often leave this behind. This is where MaivenPoint’s ‘Curricula’ comes in.

Curricula: Digital Learning for the Modern Workplace

Curricula is a solution that was built ground-up for lesson planning and training delivery on the Microsoft platform. As arguably the leader in blended live training in Teams, Curricula not only integrates with Collaborative and Live spaces in Teams, it also integrates with Viva Learning, providing learners with a fully immersive, cohesive, and seamless learning experience. Organizations can deliver the best of both worlds, combining the flexibility and convenience of on-demand training with the engagement and interaction of in-person training – all from a simple lesson-plan interface.

Moreover, Curricula is built on the Microsoft Cloud, leveraging established collaboration technology to drive consistent user adoption and provide a unified learning experience. Curricula’s cloud technology simplifies system maintenance, creating a common process for setting up, managing, and provisioning in-policy services for end-users (SaaS).

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Revolutionize Corporate Learning with Viva Learning and Curricula Combined

Integrating Curricula with Viva Learning benefits businesses seeking to improve their training programs. Combining the flexibility and convenience of on-demand training with the engagement and interaction of in-person training allows businesses to conduct live training sessions within Teams in real-time. This means that employees live instructor-led training into their approach, where learners can interact with trainers and ask questions while still enjoying the benefits of on-demand training (otherwise known as ‘blended learning’). Furthermore, since these sessions occur within Teams, it’s easy for businesses to schedule and organize them, reducing the need for additional software or complicated workflows.

While Curricula simplifies the administration and delivery of training content in Teams, the integration with Viva Learning as a content provider assists the discoverability of courses in Teams, by surfacing all the different training courses and content that might be available in Curricula, into a single interface in Viva Learning with all your organizations other learning material, in a single-pane-of-glass.

With its user-friendly interface and integrated features, Curricula enhances the learning experience for staff, provides efficient course delivery tools for trainers , and empowers course managers with robust management capabilities. Let’s explore the specific advantages Curricula brings to each user group in more detail:

Learner Benefits

As one of the key user types of Curricula, learners are geared to enjoy a multitude of benefits by utilizing Curricula for Corporate in their learning journey. With the learning assistant Delphi (a chatbot powered by Microsoft Cloud AI), learners can receive automatic notifications in Teams channels before classes start and have their common questions about courses, lessons, and tasks answered.

The centralized dashboard allows them to easily view their future, in-progress, and completed courses, along with associated tasks and due dates. While the all-in-one calendar helps them keep track of their course schedule with keyword searches and quick navigation to the specific lessons they need.

Additionally, Curricula allows learners to access and read all reference materials before a training session, take notes during one, and submitting their requirements afterwards, seamlessly – without leaving Teams to a separate LMS.

When combined with the integration of Viva Learning, students will have access to all the various Curricula course resources, along with any other corporate learning information from other systems (including LinkedIn Learning, e-books, articles, videos, and more) that they can use to deepen their understanding of the subject matter.

Trainer Benefits

On the other hand, trainers can expect a range of benefits when using Curricula for Corporate to deliver their courses. With the ability to mark attendance, trainers can easily track learners’ presence and participation in each lesson. Remember – while a ‘Teams Meeting’ will keep an attendance report of those who joined the ‘meeting’, it doesn’t help track attendance for Hybrid training where some staff may be physically present in the room (or those who “join” the meeting, but perhaps aren’t engaged).

The timeline arrangement feature allows Trainers to easily modify the open or close time of live meetings, quizzes, and other learning objects, giving them flexibility in scheduling and course delivery.

Accessing details and managing lessons and courses is made effortless, and the file-sharing feature provides a secure zone for instructors to share teaching materials with their audience.

Furthermore, integrating Curricula and Viva Learning empowers trainers to deliver engaging and interactive live training sessions, easily share resources, foster staff and peer collaboration, and streamline administrative tasks. This integration enhances the teaching experience, leading to more effective and efficient learning outcomes for users.

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Course Manager Benefits

Meanwhile, course managers can benefit greatly from using Curricula for Corporate to manage and oversee their organization’s learning programs. Just like how trainers can benefit from it, the integration with Microsoft Teams provides a seamless collaboration platform for overarching course management among organization members, allowing course managers to create and manage courses, classes, and lessons efficiently to meet wide organizational goals.

With their own centralized dashboard, a course manager can have a comprehensive view of enrollment, learning paths, tasks, and marking, making it easy to track progress and manage each individual’s learning journey.

Additionally, Curricula offers insightful reports and data analysis, empowering course managers to gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of their learning programs.

With Curricula, course managers can ensure smooth operations, optimize learning outcomes, and continually make data-driven decisions to enhance their organization’s learning initiatives.


To sum it all up, Curricula for Corporate is a comprehensive and future-proof solution that evolves with the latest, collaborative technologies. It leverages Microsoft Teams’ accessibility and usability to deliver your organization’s seamless and satisfying online learning journey, providing the invaluable ability to mix on-demand and live content seamlessly in Teams. You can take your organization’s L&D to the next level by integrating Viva Learning with Curricula to improve discoverability and recommendations and ease-of-access to staff.

Demo Curricula today and see how it can revolutionize the way you conduct live instructor-led training in Microsoft Teams and Viva Learning. Visit our page to learn more about Curricula for Corporate and how it can benefit your organization’s learning and development programs.