Q&A: How to Have Successful Remote Assessments With Edutech

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E-learning trends are constantly in flux, but discussions around hybrid and remote assessments remain a hot topic in educational institutions.

While taking an exam in person used to be a must, today’s growing market of online learning and assessment solutions has made conducting assessments in the digital world viable.

But are they effective?

In a webinar hosted by our very own Ethan Li, MaivenPoint Chief Strategy Officer, we introduced —MaivenPoint’s award-winning digital assessment solution—to help reimagine the future of hybrid assessment.

We also went through what hybrid exams look like and how educational institutions can build resilience in achieving holistic assessments that are effective for both educators and learners alike. Read on for answers to some of the best questions we were asked during that webinar.

Edutech Q&A:

How does EduTech ensure the integrity of the examinee during online examinations?

EduTech leverages artificial intelligence (AI) for its various features—like creating a transparent view of your learners’ environment during the examinations.

Capturing images, monitoring eye movements, and recording audio while learners are undergoing an assessment all come together to ensure the integrity of the rest-taking process while remote.

An active dashboard and report notifications are also available so your educators and proctors can instantly be alerted if anything is amiss and act in real-time.

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What about the supervision of students attempting to access resources during remote assessments? Can we also monitor those?

Apart from the AI services that I mentioned earlier, we can also help keep the students in a “lockdown environment” where you can limit what they can access on their devices for the time of the assessment.

For example, if you don’t want them to be able to access any external websites or don’t allow students to use calculators, EduTech has capabilities to help you prevent them from accessing the said applications.

How can we make sure AI in assessment is legally defensible?

Rest assured, our software is in compliance with the majority of privacy protection laws around the globe, so you don’t have to worry about any legal issues.

Is it possible to conduct exams in other languages, or is it only for English-based subjects?

We have different languages available besides English: French, Japanese, and German, among others. You can easily configure your language preference settings within Edutech.

How secure is this system?

We have government agencies, institutions of higher education, and various virtual schools that we help across many different sectors and industries. Aside from complying with privacy protection laws, the whole system—including the hosting platform—all undergo strict security measures to ensure the security of the infrastructure as well.

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What is the acceptance rate of hybrid exams by educational institutions?

We’ve been working with educational institutions around the globe. A lot of them don’t directly switch to remote assessments.

Normally, they start small. They convert their pen-and-paper-based assessments/exams to a digital format with digital content (a.k.a. question papers) and ask their students to come to the physical venue with a digital device. They then run their examination digitally while in a physical venue.

This is paperless, so it saves a lot of time and effort and lets you run the assessment in a comfortable manner. So, really, there’s usually a step-by-step approach before organizations adopt purely remote assessments.

How much does it cost after the end of the free trial?

If you want to understand more about the pricing and details of the software, feel free to reach out to me directly at Ethan.li@avepoint.com or visit the MaivenPoint website.

Can we get a copy of the demo with audio?

Our EduTech demo video is published on Youtube. Check it out below:

Is Examena free for all or do we need to purchase it?

We do have a free trial available. If you find it valuable and want to transform your assessment experience, you can purchase it after your free trial ends.

You can reach out to our Sales team (sales@avepoint.com) directly to learn more about our pricing.

Where can we learn more about Edutech?

To learn more about Examena, feel free to check out our product page.