How to Digitally Transform & Automate Your Course Administration (Case Study)

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Case Study - SQI International Pte Ltd

The Challenge

Like most professional development organizations, SQI International conducted their training operations predominantly in a physical classroom setting prior to the pandemic. Multiple systems and manual processes were utilized to manage the institute’s course admission, enrollment, scheduling, and delivery. This included the need to automate the process of compiling and submitting grant claim documents for courses under SkillsFuture, a national movement and government program to provide workforce training opportunities in Singapore. “It was important that our processes (especially those relating to course reimbursement), certification status, and grant claims were as seamless as possible to encourage continuous learning among the community of quality professionals,” said Mr. Neo Wei Woon, Director, SQI International Pte Ltd.


The MaivenPoint Solution

MaivenPoint implemented its modern learning management system (LMS), Curricula, to meet SQI International training and administrative needs. The solution itself is fully integrated into Microsoft 365. Courses are organized within a Teams interface to enable fully contextualized collaboration among students, instructors, administrators and other organizations. For example, Curricula places a personalized student dashboard, learning companion chat-bot, video chats, quizzes and more in the hands of students. It also integrates with third party classroom tools such as Zoom, offering versatility to alternate virtual classroom tools. “We wanted to virtualize our training delivery on a robust collaboration platform, to provide a modern learning and service experience for our professional members,” said Mr. Lee Yuan Seng, Lead Administrator, SQI International. Curricula has also transformed the instructor experience with digitalized attendance tracking, grading, and lesson planning assistance. For example, class attendance is instantaneously captured by QR code scans performed by participants as they attend lessons. Records are then pushed to SQI’s Training Partner Gateway with a single click, replacing all previous manual entries of attendance records. “We wanted instructors to spend more of their time interacting and engaging with our learners and less time on more tedious tasks,” said Mr. Lee.
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It has also revolutionized SQI’s administration. Curricula enables SQI to manage its training resources, organize virtual classes, manage course budgets and report on training deliverables. For example, the budget management module helps SQI International track the budget status of all its courses, offering flexibility in adjusting course fees, registered learners and grant eligibility. It can automatically calculate the viability of each course and reflect this in clear organization reports. To enable SQI International’s grants operations alignment with SkillFuture, AvePoint put Curricula through several integration testings with the SkillsFuture platform, becoming one of the few approved training management and LMS platforms for Singapore training providers to adopt.

The Bottom Line

Now the entire process from course creation to lesson delivery has been reduced by approximately 2,512 hours a year. It is estimated SQI International Pte Ltd will achieve a greater than $1 million return on its investment over 5 years from the automated processes driven by Curricula. “Curricula has helped us offer the highest quality professional development courses and streamline all of the administration activities associated with that,” said Mr. Neo. “It has been a mission critical solution for online course delivery and tightens our alignment with the national SkillsFuture initiative.”
Singapore Quality Institute

Singapore Quality Institute

SQI International operates as a professional institute to promote and advance excellence in the field of quality in Singapore. The organization actively champions quality initiatives in the region and worldwide through networking and collaboration with other international quality organizations.

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