How to Choose the Right TMS to Take Your Training to the Next Level

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According to Forbes, the Education Technology (EdTech) value is forecasted to grow to $680 million by 2027, while the eLearning market will see a 15% growth annually between 2020-2025. While this entails following digital transformation strategies for big training providers, small organizations may feel left behind with the limited resources that are available to them.

What do they need to step up their game and be a key industry player?

Choosing the right Training Management System matters. It can help your training business achieve the digital transformation it needs, or it can leave you stagnant with manual processes keeping you from performing efficiently. But what does the best TMS look like? There are various considerations you need to think of when choosing the right TMS that’s going to fit your business needs:

1. Size of Your Training Business

Some TMS are specially designed to cater to the complex demands of large training providers. If you’re a small organization with straightforward processes, looking for a simpler system that functions in the unique way you want it to will be crucial. Of course, if you’re planning to expand, make sure your platform is scalable enough to cater to your growing demands.avepoint tms

2. Administration Processes

What do your administration processes look like both in terms of handling business functions and delivering training modules? With various tasks to keep track of, simply adhering to the manual processes you’re used to just won’t cut it. You need to make sure your administration team does not spend more time doing recurring tasks than planning how to innovate your systems and map your growth.

3. Budget Considerations

Paying for something expensive does not mean you’re instantly provided with the services you need. There are cost-effective solutions in the market that are within most training providers’ budget thresholds and with no upfront costs. Of course, you also need to make sure that it delivers and that you pay what’s worth the services you purchased.

4. Training Modules Offered

Not only should your TMS be able to scale according to your business needs, but it must also be able to cater to the training models you want to deliver. You as a training provider must also be scalable for your learners’ needs. Keep up with the new learning models by offering flexible modules—and your TMS must be able to support you!tms system

Introducing MaivenPoint

Can a single solution support all these things we mentioned? MaivenPoint can! Trusted by government entities, higher education institutions, and virtual training providers, MaivenPoint is an award-winning solution that can help take your training business to the next level, whether you have 10 or 10,000 learners. Here are some key MaivenPoint features that can facilitate your digital transformation: Affordable and scalable: MaivenPoint is scalable to cater to both simple and complex admin and training demands. With no upfront costs, you can leverage cost-effective training administration while lowering your operational costs. Automated administration: Streamline your work processes with automated administration systems. Powered by AI, insights can be generated to plan efficient management processes and have an overview of your business performance. Seamless integration with SSG Gateway: Being SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG)-accredited matters both to you and your learners. It ensures that you are providing standard education and practice. MaivenPoint is a SkillsFuture integrated TMS, and so complying with SSG requirements becomes seamless, enabling your training business to keep a good record in maintaining your SSG accreditation. MaivenPointEnhances user experience: Being a key training provider doesn’t stop at having efficient workflows. You must also be scalable in terms of what you can offer to your learners. Supporting various modern learning styles, MaivenPoint offers a comprehensive training platform so you can offer tailored and unique modules to your learners. Secure: The infrastructure and hosting platform on which MaivenPoint is built all undergo strict security measures and is compliant with a lot of privacy protection laws around the globe—which means you can ensure that your and your learners’ data and privacy are secured.

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These are only a sneak peek of what MaivenPoint can do. Learn why MaivenPoint is the best TMS for training providers and how you can specifically tailor its features to your needs by joining our webinar: 3 Ways Training Providers Can Realize Digital Transformation Without Upfront Costs .