AvePoint EduTech Acquires i-Access to Accelerate Digitalisation in the Singapore Training & Adult Education (TAE) Sector

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Earlier this year, i-Access joined the AvePoint EduTech team, and we could not be more excited to elevate our position in the growing training ecosystem. We share a joint mission to deliver quality digital training enablement for organisations, and by working together, our ability to scale that mission will increase dramatically. As a part of the AvePoint family, we’re excited to continue shaping the future of learning and training in education institutes to the workplace, now with the power of a global leading IT SaaS technology group behind us. Together, we will offer an enhanced suite of SaaS offerings, built-in with deep domain knowledge of training management, to help our customers uplift and modernise their operations and create value-added training and learning experiences.

Thank you for being with us on this Journey.

We are grateful to our customers, investors, partners, and team for choosing to trust and support i-Access on this journey. Our product R&D teams are actively working on harmonising and upgrading our TMS platform to offer our clients the same SaaS platform service that supports AvePoint’s 9 million global users. As our teams come together, we will align and focus our work on the top challenges and needs of our customers and offer a structured approach to servicing our customers. If you are an existing i-Access customer, you can expect continued support from our team. If your organisation is planning an upgrade of your TMS system, or looking into complementary services to enhance your offerings, you now have instant access to AvePoint EduTech’s expert team of technology and solution professionals to journey with you on your digitalisation plans. If you’re not yet our customer, we hope this news sparks your interest in our suite of solutions that addresses the needs of modern education and lifelong learning. We welcome you to embark on a free trial or request a full demo from one of our product experts.

Harnessing Years of TAE Experience to Create more Value for our Customers

i-Access is a pioneer with over 20 years of experience supporting enterprises and government agencies in Singapore in their training and learning needs. Our strong domain knowledge of the challenges and operating environment of the TAE sector in Singapore is built into our solutions to help training providers balance digitalisation with service quality and policy compliance. This acquisition is timely considering SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) policies that require all training providers to leverage a TMS that is integrated with SSG systems, as well as the whole-of-government’s cloud-first transformation. Now customers will enjoy a comprehensive TMS platform built on a modern cloud-native technology suite, that brings immense value through streamlined processes and enhanced productivity through automation. This means that small & medium businesses to large enterprises are given the flexibility to select a combination of solutions on a modern SaaS platform to suit their training needs and budget, that can scale in tandem with their business growth and needs. Our goal is to empower more organisations with a robust, secure and flexible platform to deliver quality training services with EduTrust-certified processes, to better address an accelerated demand for upskilling and continuous learning which is vital for success in today’s evolving workforce. We look forward to sharing more details with you about the exciting new features, enhancements and integrations to deliver more impactful training and learning experiences in the coming months. About AvePoint EduTechAvePoint, a five-time Global Microsoft Partner of the Year and the most advanced SaaS and data management solutions provider, launched AvePoint EduTech in February 2021, its SaaS education platform fully integrated with Microsoft 365. Since then, AvePoint has been strategically investing in the R&D of holistic SaaS education management systems for educational institutions and commercial businesses with training and accreditation needs. AvePoint EduTech has actively supported the digitalisation of training and learning for education institutes and training providers, and was most recently awarded $37 million to deploy a SaaS Training Management System (TMS) for six IHLs. Ultimately, this will power over 100,000 learners to continue their education and upskill in today’s increasingly competitive workforce. This cover more with TMS.