3 Key Benefits of a Content Management Platform (Case Study)

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In today’s hybrid work culture, fostering a collaborative knowledge exchange can be challenging. Without the right content and online learning management system, your team may spend more time searching for information than creating or using it.   

In 2020, the Institute for Human Resource Professionals (IHRP) faced this exact challenge when the pandemic increased their members’ demand for relevant and up-to-date information concerning new policies for emerging remote and hybrid work setups. 

To help streamline their members’ much-needed access to information, they sought MaivenPoint Curricula, a learning management software (LMS), to create the IHRP Knowledge Bank. Through this project, they aimed to provide a platform for sharing community-generated content that would facilitate the collaborative exchange of insights among its members.  

After adopting Curricula to build its new Knowledge Bank, IHRP was able to enhance information exchange, user engagement, and collaboration among members. Here are three key things IHRP gained after deploying Curricula: 

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1. Less time spent on admin tasks, more time for content curation   

With a digitalized knowledge bank powered by Curricula, you can tag and categorize content by topics and keywords—making it easier to sort and organize your content by relevance. 

Users and members can readily find and locate content that they need. At the same time, admins can curate content according to the most popular topics with Curricula’s ability to track content popularity and recommendations granularly.  

Curricula also supports diverse formats of data, which made it easier for IHRP to scale quality content, going beyond presenting blocks of documents to being able to introduce photos, videos, and other data types.  

Furthermore, updating learning content is also convenient, which means you can ensure that your members are accessing the latest information instead of outdated ones. This was particularly critical to IHRP during the pandemic’s unprecedented and ever-changing times, but is also valuable for any organization looking to avoid sharing antiquated information in our rapidly evolving world.    

By digitalizing content visibility and organization, IHRP was able to retire manual processes – saving over 100 hours in administrative work a month – and increased productivity without needing to grow their administrative headcount.  

2. Increased engagement of content consumers  

With better-organized content and more accessible information, you can even enhance platform and member engagement. In fact, IHRP saw a 3x increase in member engagement since the launch of IHRP Knowledge Bank.  

IHRP attributes this increase in engagement to a few key features of Curricula: 

  • With a centralized portal, members don’t have to log into multiple apps and explore a maze of content repositories to get the information they need. 
  • Curricula creates digestible information by breaking down long content into summaries, allowing users to interact with content better. 
  • With Curricula’s built-in tools, Knowledge Bank can offer seamless content contribution and social exchange, encouraging their members to interact, collaborate, and exchange information across the platform. 

These capabilities can be huge for any organization looking to keep users engaged and motivated during learning. For example, if used as an online course platform to provide upskill training, these features of Curricula are valuable in organizing and maintaining a curated corporate training program that’s best suited for users’ needs, all while encouraging healthy discussions within members. 

With Curricula, IHRP grew its membership and provided multi-tiered content to different groups of members. 

3. Optimize learning with AI  

Transforming education with Artificial Intelligence (AI) can also be achieved with Curricula. Utilizing Curricula’s Azure AI, IHRP advanced their members’ learning and proactively supported their members’ needs specifically through these measures: 

  • Recommended relevant playbooks to forward suitable HR interventions for change and business transformation strategies 
  • Launched a robust predictive search engine so the HR community can easily discover new content and insights 
  • Introduced a robust catalogue of key HR information to let members explore how fellow professionals deal with emerging situations and policy best practices, as well as consult subject matter experts on action plans 

Beyond having the right tools to organize, maintain, and scale content, being able to leverage AI to elevate their members’ content interaction was key for IHRP to offer a holistic learning experience to its members. 

Empower your community’s learning with Curricula 

If you’re looking for online learning platforms or content management systems, it’s critical to consider how the platform can offer more to meet your members’ learning and training needs.  

Whether that’s being able to present relevant and diverse knowledge, letting your members realize the power of accessible information, or providing an avenue for productive discussions and knowledge sharing, Curricula can empower your members’ learning journey by introducing a redesigned learning management system.   

See it in action as you dive deeper into how IHRP empowered the HR community with Curricula. Read the full case study here.