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Institute for Human Resource Professionals Digitalizes Knowledge Bank to Empower HR Community with Best Practices Amidst Uncertain Times

Critical Needs

  • Retire manual processes and increase productivity
  • Enhance members' information accessibility and exchange
  • Ability to provide multi-tiered content by different groups
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  • IHRP Digitalises Knowledge Bank with Curricula
  • INDUSTRY Professional Association
  • SOLUTIONCurricula

Success Highlights

  • Saves over 163 administrative hours a month in content creation, tagging, searching, approving and uploading community-generated articles
  • Engagement on the platform increased by 3x since launch
  • Allows IHRP to scale quality content support and grow membership without increasing administrative headcount

Customer Profile

The Institute for Human Resources Professionals (IHRP) was established to professionalise and strengthen the HR practice in Singapore. IHRP sets the standards of Human Resources (HR) excellence and human capital development in organizations.
Through a range of national programmes such as IHRP Certification, Human Capital Diagnostics Tool and IHRP Knowledge Partner Programme, IHRP seeks to develop HR as a strategic enabler of business and workforce transformation and foster a vibrant HR services eco-system to drive innovation and change.

The Challenge

IHRP plays a strategic role in helping the HR community in Singapore access information on best practices and playbooks in a timely manner to help them make better decisions in their jobs. This comprises human capital consultancies, institutes of higher learning, training providers and international professional bodies, who spend an average of 20% of their time searching for information to do their jobs.

For the past 2 years, new HR policies were emerging daily to help organizations deal with the pandemic, especially when remote working became the norm. The demand for information by members grew exponentially and the IHRP content team had to deal with a multi-fold increase of enquiries on articles to share and post across the IHRP community. This took up hours of administration and tagging and IHRP needed an efficient system to facilitate information exchange across its members.

With the need for up-to-date information to implement policies and programmes for the hybrid workplace, IHRP decided to enhance the collaboration and engagement experience of its members by creating a IHRP Knowledge Bank, where relevant information could be readily accessible quickly and as needed.

The Challenge

The MaivenPoint Solution

In order to achieve their vision, they needed a partner to streamline the creation. IHRP leveraged ready modules from MaivenPoint’s learning management system, Curricula, to facilitate content sharing and recommendations on the IHRP Knowledge Bank, which saved development costs and time to market for IHRP. IHRP is now able to tag and categorise content by topics and keywords, which then provides granular tracking of content popularity and recommendations targeted as interest areas of members.

IHRP was also able to consolidate diverse formats of information – videos, articles, etc – into a common search platform content formats to facilitate community learning and exchange. This included structured and unstructured community-generated data from continual professional development programmes and the IHRP Connect mobile learning platform, which were once accessed independently and difficult to search.

Once inside the portal, members will immediately experience a difference, whereby long articles are being broken down into bite-sized excerpts, which are interactively consumed in a modernized online learning experience.

MaivenPoint’s content management platform effectively helped us scale our community outreach, and to democratize useful domain knowledge across the HR community.

With Curricula, IHRP certified professionals can reference a robust catalogue of key HR information, explore how fellow professionals deal with emerging situations and policy best practices, and consult subject matter experts on action plans. The IHRP Knowledge Bank offers recommended playbooks to help HR professionals identify suitable HR interventions which are ‘best fit’ for their situation, as they undergo change and business transformation.

The IHRP Knowledge Bank leverages Curricula’s built-in tools for content contribution and social exchange, fostering a collaborative learning community among IHRP certified community, especially when seeking advice and solutions to common workplace challenges. IHRP administrators can conveniently review and approve community generated content in the same platform to validate the quality of information being published across the community.

The IHRP Knowledge Bank also transformed the HR community search experience as they can now discover new content and insights easily with a robust predictive search engine, powered by Curricula‘s Azure AI Search.

Recommendations on curated learning content are made according to their interests. It also helps IHRP study individual consumption of learning resources and update its repository from time to time to suit evolving members’ needs.

The Bottom Line

Since the launch of its Knowledge Bank in May 2022, IHRP saved over 163 administrative hours a month for the entire content team to assist members in creating, tagging and searching, approving and uploading community-generated articles. Today, the IHRP Knowledge Bank houses over 360 articles and growing, with new content co-developed across the professional HR community each day.

Since launching its new portal in May 2022, IHRP has reported that its members are finding key information quicker and more accurately. Time spent on the platform has also increased 3-fold since it has gone live. Most importantly, IHRP content team has been able to replace the manual, time-consuming information search with democratized access and automated recommendations that enhance member‘s engagement. IHRP has been able to redesign the way knowledge is clearly presented and relevantly displayed, so that members can efficiently navigate to their desired content.

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