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Driving Consumption, Productivity, and Adoption of Microsoft Teams and Office 365 for a Global Workforce

Critical Needs

  • Enable agile working for a global workforce of 450 employees across 8 countries.
  • Seamless collaboration anytime, anywhere, on any device.
  • Increase collaboration and teamwork.
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Success Highlights

  • Achieved 85% adoption of Microsoft Teams within 6 months
  • Upskilled the service desk team and developed a unique skills program for Champions
  • Provided cost-effective, on-demand digital learning using Training+ Office 365 Azure app
  • Developed a custom training and adoption roadmap
  • Built the right team with clear targets, goals, and a medium-sized budget
  • Engaged staff early with buzz days and awareness campaigns

Customer Profile

IOP Publishing is a society-owned scientific publisher, providing impact, recognition and value for the scientific community. IOP Publishing’s portfolio includes more than 90 journals, around half of which are published jointly with or on behalf of partner societies and research organisations. 

IOP publishing portfolio reflects the growth of scientific research in core scientific fields, while recognising the increasingly interdisciplinary nature of scientific research.

The Challenge

IOP Publishing faced a multifaceted challenge in preparing their business for a new way of working. The primary hurdle was to train over 450 employees spread across 8 different countries in a relatively short period. 

This task was further complicated by the need to drive adoption of new technology—Microsoft Office 365—amidst an already ongoing large-scale digital transformation. The organization needed to ensure seamless collaboration across different sites, allowing employees to work anytime, anywhere, and on any device. 

Additionally, IOPP had to overcome resistance to change and ensure that all staff members were not only comfortable with the new tools but also proficient in using them to maximize productivity. Preparing the business for this significant shift required a comprehensive strategy that addressed technical training, user engagement, and continuous support to maintain momentum and enthusiasm for the new digital workplace.

The Challenge

The MaivenPoint Solution

IOPP turned to Combined Knowledge, a MaivenPoint company, to help them in their journey. Using the Combined Knowledge framework, IOPP engaged staff early on with buzz days and awareness campaigns. Combined Knowledge worked closely with IOPP, learning about their business culture, and aligning a custom training and adoption roadmap.

Phase one focused on upskilling the service desk team and developing a unique skills program for the Champions on Microsoft Teams, Yammer, and OneDrive. Real-world business scenarios were applied to help users understand when to use the tools effectively.

The Bottom Line

Within six months, 85% of IOPP's workforce had successfully adopted Microsoft Teams, driven by the effective on-boarding of Champions who promoted adoption globally. 

The cost-effective, on-demand digital learning via Training+ Office 365 Azure app ensured that employees received up-to-date training, both at their desks and remotely. 

The Combined Knowledge methodology facilitated stress-free change management, enabling IOPP to achieve clear targets and goals on a medium-sized budget, significantly enhancing user experience and collaboration across the organization.