3 Ways to Make Online Learning Fun Anytime, Anywhere

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It’s no secret that the past year has been a roller coaster ride for the academic world since most of us were forced to stay home and learning has become less intuitive in many ways. Some institutions—mostly the traditional ones—had a hard time providing virtual learning platforms for their students and needed to find innovative ways of overcoming the challenge of distance. The greatest challenge for digitalizing universities is having to create and sustain a great online learning experience for students, educators, and faculty as a collaborative educational community.

The pandemic didn’t only affect learning in educational institutions but also learning in the corporate world. As learning is a lifelong self-improvement need, enterprises must make it a priority to help their employees continue to learn in as fun, effective, and relevant a way as possible.

How accessible and easy to use will a system be for users? How might it affect quality learning and at the same time promote collaboration among teams in the organization? These factors should always be considered when choosing the best online learning platforms for your enterprise.

Online Learning

In this post, let’s see what you should be looking for in a learning solution to have a productive and fun experience anywhere and anytime you might be learning.

1. Easy Accessibility

Living in a mobile-first era, most of what we do or read is through our mobile phones, which makes it essential that learning should be mobile-ready. Beyond an enterprise desktop version, learning management systems should support mobile learning, where information is often presented in bite-sized reads for easy access and convenient learning on the move. It’s intuitive for adult learners to search for interesting content which they can learn at their convenience. Learning becomes intuitive and less of an organizational mandated task when user experience is optimized and content is readily available on familiar collaborative interfaces used in the workplace.

2. Gamification

It’s important to keep learning fun and interesting as it will help learners be more engaged, especially when dealing with the short attention span that some may have. Gamification is all about helping the learner engage in principles of the topic through play. LMS solutions designed to engage learners adopt gamification to enhance the utility of the platform as well as the quality of concepts being comprehended. It inherently increases the fun element in the user learning experience through immersive role-plays, games, challenges, and leaderboards for users to complete their learning topics and possibly be incentivized for it. In this way, student or adult learners could be more encouraged to continue on their learning journey.

3. Personalization and Self-Paced Learning

Learners, young or old, absorb new concepts differently; diverse aptitudes and interests make individual learning unique. Self-directed learning creates quality learning outcomes, as individuals are empowered to proactively seek content relevant to their interests and absorbed at their own pace for self-improvement. Asynchronous learning is a plus as students can access materials at their preferred time when they can be more focused on the lesson or course. An effective LMS solution should have an offline mode to allow learners to continue from where they left, and perhaps intelligently push the next level of relevant learning content according to their competency, skills, and interests indicated.

online learning

Enterprises should harness the power of learning to empower each employee to be skilled and enriched in the most relevant way to do their work best. Their investment in a learning management solution should offer a fun and engaging learning experience anytime and anywhere. Other elements to consider in an LMS include learners’ progress trackers, curriculum or course creation, advanced AI to recommend courses to address skills gaps or even intelligently create quizzes, and employee engagement surveys.

Learning should never stop, and it should be fun anytime and anywhere! AvePoint’s EduTech adopts a user-centric feature design to create a great online learning experience for learners from schools to corporations.

Key LMS elements are enhanced with enterprise-grade collaborative tools to keep learning accessible and enjoyable for the learning community. Transform your learning now with EduTech and experience Curricula & Examena through a complimentary demo.

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