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UNLEASHING EXAMENA - AI-Powered, Azure Marketplace, SaaS Exams and Proctoring

Duration: 1 Hour

Unleash Examena

In a rapidly evolving educational landscape, the shift towards digital assessments is inevitable. Embracing technology enhances efficiency, accessibility, and prepares students for a digital future. Stay ahead by adopting digital assessments, unlocking a world of innovative learning experiences that empower students for success in the digital age.

Don't miss this interactive session from industry expert Timothy Boettcher where you will gain practical guidance and learn how to unlock new exam productivity and collaboration for your assessment community with Examena.

Explore these key assessment features:

  • Create & schedule exams easily in Examena directly
  • Robust integrity App that ensures a locked-down and secure exam environment
  • Proctor and monitor, both live & async with AI support
  • Detailed assessment analytics & insights


Teams Timothy Boettcher
Timothy Boettcher

Chief Revenue Officer

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