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Unlocking Efficiency: RBS's Journey to High SharePoint Adoption and Enhanced Productivity

Critical Needs

  • Ensure collaborative working across different groups and multi-regions.
  • Improve successful SharePoint adoption.
  • Establish long term learning plan to build user knowledge and skills, foster awareness and enthusiasm to meet the exact business needs.
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Success Highlights

  • Foster working collaboration and education knowledge share across 3 core regions and drive all the key users engaged in the training programs.
  • Provide complete solution for SharePoint deployment, including the training for installation, successful user adoption, as well as on-demand support to offer help whenever they need.
  • Conduct different training towards various users to deliver effective training sessions fitting their working practices.
  • Over 12-month period long term customization learning solutions.
  • Support content creation and training documentations by needs.

Customer Profile

The RBS group is a large international banking and financial services company. From its headquarters in Edinburgh, the Group serves over 30 million customers. The group operates a wide variety of banking brands offering personal and business banking, private banking, insurance and corporate finance.

RBS serve 24 million personal, business and institutional customers in the UK, Europe, the Middle East, the Americas and Asia.

RBS has almost 115,000 employees and provides a wide range of products and services to personal, commercial and large corporate and institutional customers through their two main subsidiaries, The Royal Bank of Scotland and NatWest, as well as through a number of other well-known brands including Citizens, Charter One, Ulster Bank and Coutts.

The Challenge

RBS understood the challenges faced in ensuring that the business and users embraced the new technology and understood that they had to capture both the heart and minds of the user community to ensure successful adoption across the group.

Comprehensive business solutions can be created to support a company’s information management and business needs. However, one of the great difficulties of a SharePoint deployment is ensuring user adoption, as an application driven by users, businesses need to ensure that users are enthused by what the product can offer, inspired by how efficient it can make them become and eager to learn about the new technology.

RBS wanted to find an external education provider that would provide them with the knowledge, skills and learning platform to provide their user community with the understanding, awareness enthusiasm and learning platform to ensure that each phase is delivered to meet the exact needs of the business.

The Challenge

The MaivenPoint Solution

Combined Knowledge, a MaivenPoint company has specialised in the development and delivery of SharePoint Education and Support globally since 2003.

Our key aim is not only to deliver the best training classes available but also to provide organisations with a complete solution for their SharePoint deployment. This is achieved by providing training to facilitate product installation and development through to ensuring successful user adoption with the addition of on-demand support for all users from one central source.

As specialists in content creation and customised learning solutions, Combined Knowledge was able to create custom solution for RBS utilising a range of effective delivery methods over a 12 month period. Communication and training were paramount to the success of the RBS project as was the ability to provide a long term support solution via our Support+ product.

The customised learning solutions including:

Executive Engagement: Tailored presentations and one-on-one meetings with key executives ensured leadership buy-in and championing of SharePoint adoption.

Multi-Tiered Training: towards RBS internal Trainers, Power Users and Role-Based End User to deliver effective training sessions and tailor and maximize their capabilities with SharePoint.

Post Training Help Desk and Support+: provide help whenever they need it, with 24 ‘How to’ help videos and 6 days period 3 x 2 hour sessions, as well as 1000+ support topics for SharePoint Knowledge Overview.

The Bottom Line

Our M365 training adoption solutions helped RBS to educate the key users within their SharePoint environment ensuring a good understanding of the product which would drive user adoption whilst ensuring everyone within the organisation had access to on demand training and support.