New Vitae Features in our July 2023 Release 

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Vitae has some exciting new features in its latest July 2023 release, several of which will interest training organizations and education institutions. This includes the added convenience in course administration processes, balancing the centralization or decentralization of operations, and streamlining of claims by educators.  

Let’s dive into this month’s release highlights:  

1. Integration with SingPass, CorpPass, and MyInfo  

Users in Singapore can also now sign into Vitae with their SingPass and CorpPass credentials via Vitae’s integration with the two digital services. This integration ensures an efficient verification process while maintaining access security. 

Another new integration feature is with MyInfo, which enables students to sync their personal profile information in MyInfo for course registration processes, simplifying student registration and verification processes for learners in Vitae.  

2. Support for company branches 

For organizations that require training operations segmented and controlled by departments, Vitae now has a branch feature where company portal admins can now set up department-level information for various departments to manage their own courses and learning activities. Administrators can then delegate a contact person to be branch managers to configure the desired settings for each branch.  

At the same time, branch users can indicate which branch they’re taking their training under and navigate the related services tied to that branch. This makes invoicing and access control by sub-departments clearer for organisations that require that level of fidelity. 

3. Integration with Curricula for Corporate Learning  

To provide a one-stop experience for both training and student administration and learning management, Vitae offers a seamless integration with Curricula for Corporate Learning to allow the learners, administrators and educators to create and share course content and results between both platforms.  

This integration enables training admins to streamline administrative tasks and efficiently manage course information, assessment components and learner information all with a single login. Course structures created in Vitae are auto-translated to the Curricula learning environment, and assessments graded in Curricula and auto-reflected in Vitae to process learners’ course completion conveniently. This eliminates the need to duplicate information or transfer files by Excel across your LMS and TMS! 

4. More built-in administration for CPE courses 

With Vitae’s support for Singapore’s Committee for Private Education (CPE) courses, educational institutions and training organisations can now manage the status of student pass applications as well as course and insurance fee payments, both of which are required for CPE courses, all within Vitae.  

This replaces several offline tracking of administrative activities and offer learners a more efficient service process for CPE courses.  

5. Auto-generated payment advice for Trainers 

One of the favorite new features for finance and training administrators’ is the auto generation of trainers’ payment advice upon every successful delivery of courses. Training admins can set up an honorarium process depending on each trainer’s course hours or attendees, and generate a customized contract automatically.  

Likewise, trainers can also see their payment advice every month directly within the Vitae’s Trainers Portal. This saves you hours of tracking training completions or updating timesheets with Google Forms or Excel files, as well as replaces the manual tracking of e-invoices to trainers each month.  

6. Comprehensive survey management 

Feedback is critical for improving courses and adjusting services according to learners’ evolving needs. Vitae has enhanced its survey management function into a comprehensive suite of survey creation, distribution and reporting capabilities. You can now pre-configure survey forms to templatize them for convenient future course use, and automate survey distribution and customized reminders to learners and company users.  

Survey results are visually displayed in charts, and can be shared with trainers when required. Course administrators can gather insights on course satisfaction to make better-informed decisions and improve their course or program offerings. 

7. Stackable certificates 

Vitae has taken into consideration the differing course structures that various training providers offer - some even requiring complex pre- or co-requisites to complete a course. Our latest stackable certificates feature released enable training admins to configure higher-level certificates to students after they have completed a selection of modules, which may have been tied to various other courses. And you can do all that without disrupting the course pathways that have already been previously built.  

Learners also have more visibility over which combination of modules allows them to gain a new skill certificate and be encouraged to pursue their desired milestone certifications. 

8. Effortless Timetabling with the new Pattern Profile

Manually configuring the timetable for each session can be time-consuming. Vitae saves schedulers time with its new Pattern Profile feature, to help you create session patterns and intake end dates based on your desired session pattern.

Course schedulers can then use the pattern profiles to schedule courses by batch instead of configuring each session’s time in the timetable. Imagine the time saved when you have to configure a six-month course with 50 sessions!  

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