New Examena Features Released in May 2023

Examena New Release Features May 2023 female student

Dedicated to providing the most advanced and innovative digital EdTech solutions, MaivenPoint further enhances Examena to continue providing academics and students a seamless and trusted digital assessment experience.

In our latest feature release of MaivenPoint’s award-winning exam solution, here are some notable enhancements to benefit assessment stakeholders:

1. Extended support: double-blind marking, similarity checks, Firefox browser

Examena now supports double-blind marking to ensure fair and unbiased evaluation processes, enhancing the credibility of assessment systems and encouraging a level playing field for all candidates. Users who select the new double-blind marking process can then configure the tolerance threshold to define the variance of tolerance to high or low.

With Examena’s integration with Turnitin Similarity, markers can do similarity checks for essays to detect plagiarism and ensure the students’ work is original and authentic. This could help provide valuable insights to educators, allowing them to address any potential issues related to improper citation or source attribution.

Examena has added Mozilla Firefox to its list of supported browsers to cater to students’ using this browser.

2. Managing Candidates with Groups

Managing exam candidates (for candidate enrolment, exam management, etc.) is now easier with Groups. Retrieved from MaivenPoint Online Services, Groups are now directly displayed in Examena and can be configurable by adding or removing individual users for bulk processing or granular user selection.

Managing Candidates with Groups

3. Manage email templates and announcements

Exam administrators can now better manage information dissemination with built-in email templates and announcements.

Viewing and configuring email templates can be done by simply navigating to Admin > Email templates. Exam administrators can also create and publish announcements to staff and candidates on the Announcement management page under the Admin navigation tab.

4. Configure authorized URLs and exam reminders

Examena provides enhanced controls for more secure exam experiences by allowing exam administrators to configure the authorized URLs list and being able to add them directly for use during closed-book exams.

Exam administrators can also choose when to highlight the countdown timer for candidates, allowing them to see how much remaining time they have during an exam. Conversely, candidates can hide/show their countdown timer with hide/show buttons available when they hover their mouse over the timer.

5. Easier candidate enrollment

After completing the course information in the Create course window, exam administrators can directly enroll candidates, allowing for a more seamless course configuration and candidate enrollment process.

Easier candidate enrollment

6. Secure exam proctoring: video proctoring enhancements and time visibility

While proctoring candidates’ screens and video images used to be simultaneous, exam administrators now get better controls for proctored testing with capabilities to monitor students’ screens AND remotely detect configured suspicious activities in real time.

Proctors or invigilators can now also see candidates’ start and end times on the Attendance page, allowing better time visibility and monitoring of exam durations per student.

7. Download Examena app wizard

Candidates with custom URL-configured tenants are now led to the Download Examena app wizard to download the Examena app. The custom configurations in the tenant will then take effect after initializing and starting the Examena app. This seamless automation facilitates a more streamlined setup for candidates during exams.

Download Examena app wizard

8. Improved closed-book experience for candidates

Candidate experience has also been improved for closed-book exams. Candidates can now capture screenshots of issues faced during online exams and send them to proctors or invigilators for troubleshooting or even call for help during emergencies.

Improved closed-book experience for candidates

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