What’s New in Curricula: Features to Improve Your Training Experience

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New year, new opportunities for learning!

We’ve spruced up the user experience for MaivenPoint Curricula for Corporate Learning, our SaaS learning management system (LMS). From improved integration with Microsoft Teams to enhanced note-sharing, here are the latest feature updates for course managers and learners.

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For Course Managers and Learners

These new features enable constant improvements in course effectiveness and easy access to reference materials for learners:

1. Curricula Now Supports Learning Object Level Surveys

Course managers can add surveys as learning objects in Curricula for Corporate Learning. Learners can find the surveys in Task > Ongoing tasks. After completing a learning object, learners can take the survey to provide feedback on the quality and effectiveness of the learning object. Course managers can also publish surveys and check the results in their respective courses.

Curricula: Learning Object Level Surveys

2. Preview Content of Locally Uploaded Reference Materials

Course managers can add reference materials as learning objects, which they can now preview on the Learning Activities page of their course. Learners, on the other hand, experience more convenience when starting a reference material task by previewing the content of the locally uploaded files directly instead of downloading them or clicking on the file’s URL.

3. Customise Theme Colours

You can now change the colour scheme to match the colour scheme of your organization’s brand logo. This feature is available to users with Enterprise Pro license.

4. Improved Integration with Microsoft Teams

You can now configure app profiles in MaivenPoint Online Services via Microsoft Entra ID authorisation.

For Course Managers

Explore the following productivity enhancers for course managers:

1. View and Export Quiz Reports

Training admins can now view the quiz reports of courses, including the learner’s report, to thoroughly understand each learner’s performance, as well as the questions and answers for every quiz.

Curricula: View and Export Quiz Reports

2. Book Meeting Slots for Learners

Curricula now comes with options to enable or disable bookings by learners when course managers add an assessment meeting as a learning object. If the learner booking feature is disabled, course managers/trainers will need to book meeting slots for learners by selecting Booking list, or you can find the assessment meeting in Result > Assessment tasks to manage bookings.

Curricula: Book Meeting Slots for Learners

3. Import Learners’ List to Enroll in Classes

Enrollment of learners into courses or classes is now made simpler. You can import the learners’ list by downloading a template, filling in the required information, and importing the file into Curricula to complete the enrollment.

4. Add Meeting Links to Zoom Meetings

You can now choose to add the meeting link created in Zoom when adding a Zoom meeting as a learning object.

Curricula: Zoom Meeting Links

For Learners

Learners are also up for a smoother experience with these new features:

1. Easier Navigation on the Task Page

Learners can now view and access tasks under the corresponding groups or courses, making navigation more intuitive on the Task page.

Curricula: Improved Task Page

2. Enhanced Notes-Sharing

Learners can now manage access to the notes they’ve taken down for a reference material task. They have three access settings for sharing their notes: first, only with the staff; second, with both the staff and co-learners in their course; lastly, access can also be set to private.

Curricula: Note-sharing Enhancements

Check Out the Latest Features

Visit the product update page of Curricula for Corporate Learning to learn more about the new features.

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