Leveraging Generative AI to Transform Learning Administration: A Path to Enhanced Productivity and Student Success 

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Institutions worldwide increasingly recognize the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to revolutionize education. But with limited budgets, it’s crucial to identify areas where AI can have the most significant impact on learning experiences, productivity gains, and revenue sustainability.  

In this blog, we’ll explore how MaivenPoint utilizes generative AI to enhance learning administration and optimize student success. 

Accelerating AI Digitalization with Meaningful Data 

The question for all institutions is this: Are your learning, assessment and student management systems collecting the right combination of data identifiers which can help predict meaningful business outcomes for your institution? This could mean collecting new data points that current systems do not provide or enhancing the fidelity of information collected, in order for institutions to make meaningful predictions.  

By harnessing the power of generative AI, MaivenPoint’s ready-to-use Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform automates critical learning and administrative processes, significantly reducing the time required for digital transformation, especially in the following 3 areas. 

Personalized Skills-Based Course Recommendations 

One area where Generative AI can enhance the learning experience is in the way learners search for courses. Currently, it's assumed that learners know exactly what courses they want to take up in pursuit of their academic credentials. But very often, learners do not know exactly what courses are required for them to attain their various skills objectives. Infusing generative AI into the course search engine allows students to perform aspiration-led searches of courses and programs to undertake. For example, one could search for “how to be a certified cybersecurity specialist”, and the recommended learning or skills pathways and program differentiations could be displayed and elaborated.  

This provides a holistic approach to the learning pathway recommendations of each student so that they find exactly what they need for their career goals.  

Such a recommendation engine enhances quality recommendations and increases platform stickiness, as students are more likely to come back to the platform for continuous learning, or to obtain their next skills goal, leading to more recurring revenue per student. It also allows institutions to offer attractive upskilling packages to professional learners. 

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Enhancing Productivity in Learning Administration 

A well-structured digitalization strategy targets the most tedious operational processes to achieve productivity gains. AI allows the institution to streamline tasks such as application evaluation and reduce the administrative burden on registrars and student services teams.  

Platforms like MaivenPoint Vitae gather the necessary data points to make meaningful predictions. For example, in the student application process, administrators have to tediously access the submitted supporting documents of each student in the evaluation process. By applying AI in this process, it could help improve the assessment of document originality or provide qualitative scoring to the level of completion or quality of submissions. It could help evaluators identify which are the completed submissions or recommended students for the applied program, where they can zoom into for the next layer of evaluation.  

AI-assisted automation ensures efficient and effective initial screening while allowing course owners to override recommendations when necessary. This could save days in submission qualification. 

Holistically Optimizing Student Success 

MaivenPoint’s AI-powered approach also maximizes student engagement and success through features like: 

  • AI-assisted marking - instantly auto-grades student assessment submissions based on predefined rubrics 
  • AI-assisted proctoring - detects and notifies invigilators of suspicious behaviors during exams 
  • Integration with tools like Turnitin - enables the verification of submission originality. 

This not only creates a trusted digitally augmented assessment process that promotes originality in students’ work, but also improves student-to-proctor ratios for productive exam administration.  

Additionally, with all the information gathered across assessment, learning and student management across our platforms, we could utilize AI-assisted predictive analysis to track key indicators such as student progress, admission cycles, application screening, and course evaluation.  

For example, having the right combination of data around a student’s learning completion, assessment submissions, attendance rate, payment timeliness could provide insights into their probability of graduation. These insights empower institutions to offer early interventions and support tailored to each student’s needs, ensuring higher student completion rates.  

In a nutshell, AI should augment administrative productivity and continuously enrich students’ experience in their learning journeys. 

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Generative AI-powered learning with MaivenPoint 

As the demand for upskilling and continuous learning grows, AI becomes a game-changer in the education sector. By leveraging generative AI, institutions can effectively personalize course pathways, enhance productivity in learning administration, and maximize student success. 

MaivenPoint is at the forefront of this transformation, investing in AI assistive technologies across its EdTech suite. Its holistic approach empowers institutions to navigate the complexities of micro-credentialing, stackable courses, and automation – all while benefiting from the expertise and insights gained along this AI-augmented journey.  

Explore our website to learn more about MaivenPoint’s holistic suite of solutions and how we can transform your learning administration processes. Contact us now to inquire and take your institution’s learning administration to the next level.