Digital Learning Solutions: What Students and Employees Want

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The notion of learning in a physical classroom or conference room isn’t going away, especially as more organizations resume traditional arrangements. 

But recent months spent pivoting to accommodate millions of remote students have brought positive and influential change: People have adapted to e-learning platforms, and many users want to keep using these solutions in a hybrid or all-digital manner.  

In fact, the availability (and quality) of remote learning is now a key factor for more students in their college searches. It is also set to play a significant role in workplace training programs for new hires and for continuing education.  


AvePoint’s new EduTech solutions are designed to help support these shifts 

By leveraging the power of Microsoft 365 and next-level artificial intelligence capabilities, students and teachers can enjoy these and other benefits with EduTech: 

  • Easy class management with a searchable dashboard and calendar 
  • Seamless group collaboration using a single end-to-end solution 
  • Secure automation that puts the focus on learning, not administration 

Such functions won’t be seen as “nice to have” or a short-term fix beyond the pandemic; remote learners will demand them 

Check out our infographic on the evolution of e-learning to discover the needs and capabilities that AvePoint’s EduTech tools can fulfill in your classroom or workplace: 


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