Top 5 New Curricula Features Coming This Year

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There are several new features coming to Curricula (AvePoint’s SaaS Learning Management System) in Q3 of this year, and we couldn’t be more excited to preview some of them! In this post, we’ll take a look at how Curricula can augment independent learning for the working professional, enhance content relevance & accessibility, automate assessments, and much more as Caroline Yuan walks us through the Q3 Curricula roadmap.


1. Training Resource Management

Manage the allocation of resources such as classrooms, equipment, lesson materials, and even the assignment of trainers virtually using Curricula. Manual deconflicting of venue bookings will now be replaced by real-time visibility of resource availability for instant allocation.


2. New Teams & Zoom Integration

Microsoft Teams and Zoom integration will allow you to create and host virtual learning sessions or group discussions instantly in Curricula with both Teams and Zoom. You’ll also be able to share information seamlessly and manage group assignments using live document collaboration via Teams, as well as access Zoom directly through Curricula’s one-stop portal without having to log out of the learning platform.


3. Discussion Forums and Polling

Enhance peer-to-peer learning and online communication between trainers and learners with Curricula’s new discussion forum. It allows the learning community to share their views, articles, and supplementary learning content all in context within topics of interest. Curricula users can also utilise the new Polling feature to drive active participation, gather feedback, or validate the understanding of concepts taught.


4. Integration with Turnitin

Curricula users can soon enjoy seamless access to Turnitin without having to log in to separate platforms to assess submissions. Grading and assessments will be made easy with our ready Turnitin API integrations to authenticate the originality of learner submissions directly in the Curricula platform.


5. Integrations to 3rd Party Grants Management System

If your organisation has to process grant claims frequently with 3rd party external systems, leverage our open APIs to integrate and facilitate seamless data flow to automate this process. For example, training providers in Singapore can now leverage Curricula’s ready integrations with the SkillsFuture Singapore system to digitilise information submissions and track grant claims statuses instantly. Chat with us to see how we might meet your new integration needs!

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