Author: Brent Middleton

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Top 5 Microsoft 365 Education Posts of 2021

by Brent Middleton | Dec 21, 2021 | EdTech Insights

Click here for a full rundown of the Top 5 most-viewed Microsoft 365 education blog posts of 2021 as presented by AvePoint.

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3 Ways Technology Can Optimize Education Administration

by Brent Middleton | Jul 04, 2021 | Training & Course Administration

Click here to learn about important reasons to use technology and modern collaborative platforms to optimize education administration.

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Why Teachers Should Leverage AI & Micro-Learning While Remote

by Brent Middleton | Jun 27, 2021 | EdTech Insights

Click here to learn about the role AI can play in online test-taking, as well as the power of micro-learning for better student engagement.

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Why Having a Unified Platform for Online Learning Matters

by Brent Middleton | Jun 20, 2021 | Learning & Teaching

Are you struggling to make all your online learning tools work in tandem? Here's why having a unified platform for online education matters.